Want To Be A Preschool Teacher? – Check For These Qualities

For any kid who is encountering preschool is like encountering the first phase of education in his/her life. This actually defines the responsibility a preschool teacher holds. It holds many responsibilities big to small, major to minute and from this to that. They should be able to create an environment that is safe, fun, creative. They should build a space that helps them to express their heart out, make new friends and make a little family out of the family where they can actually make sometime without their moms and dads.

Most people have a misconception that teaching lower grade kids is easier than the higher grades. But, that is absolutely wrong. Teacher a lower grade child is teaching a kid at home. It starts with basics and basics are fundamentals to life. It means a preschool teacher holds that responsibility of laying a path for life like academics, sports or overall development, the first seed is always planted in the first class and first encounter to the education atmosphere. There are infinite qualities that make any preschool teacher successful and accomplished.


Personality – To be an accomplished preschool teacher, it requires possessing all those personality traits like patience, creativity, enthusiasm and finally that love and passion towards teaching kids, especially the preschool education. A preschool teacher should act a link between both the kids and their dear parents. The reason is at preschool they spend both equal time at school and home or longer time at school and less at home.

Education – Qualification of education can vary from state to countries. Few schools are ok with an associate degree while a few schools require bachelors. It is important to hold a strong background can make a difference in the approach to kids and by applying best practices.

Experience – Having previous experience helps to understand the child and help him/her in their own manner. Few teachers, for this reason start their career as co-teacher or assistant teacher so as to learn more from the experienced one. Quite a few will be having experience of growing their own children or younger siblings. By all these experiences, they can actually implement various styles of teaching and learn from their journey.

Classroom Management – It is the toughest task to engage a bunch of energetic little humans who can do really anything in the classroom. To gain respect without showing aggression and scaring them is challenging. Representing their parents in a friendly manner just to show that teachers are little older than them and needs to obey, in a gentle way makes all the difference. Successful management is when teacher controls class with fun and learning.

Above all that dedication and passion in working towards in an education industry as a teacher just to make little lives beautiful and better every day requires a lot of self determination and motivation. That is why preschool education in Singapore actually check for the two things mentioned. Because having great degrees is not all of it, it requires that interest to create an interest in learning!