What is your child’s future without pre-schooling

What is your child’s future without pre-schooling?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you do not send your child off to a preschool and instead home school him or send him to daycare to get him acquainted with what he needs to know? Well, you are not the only one! This is a tough decision to make because even though you want what is the best for your child, you might be hesitating because of personal issues. We have compiled an article for you below written by Donna Matthews in which she explains why home schooling is better for your child rather than learning in a preschool environment.

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Homeschooling- a better choice

For the first three years, infants and toddlers do best in home-based settings. They tend to experience less stress, less illness, and fewer behavioral problems. Home care is not always possible, and it’s not always best—a high-quality daycare is usually better than an impatient parent, or a disinterested nanny. Read more here!

As a child is growing up, what is highly important is not the kind of care a child receives, whether it is through a nanny, parent, daycare, preschool, or other- but rather the primitive nature of their home experience. So even though company does matter, it does not influence your child in the early years as much as you think it does. The best outcomes are experienced by children who have some familiarity with warmth, responsiveness, and the right kinds of stimulation at home.

A child’s verbal communication, cognitive, and societal progress outcomes are all enhanced in high-quality care environment and this cannot be argued because there the child has the support of well-trained adults. Children growing up at home tend to have more behavior problems thus showing signs of aggression and lack of co-operation. Since parents tend to be more lenient with the kids diet, the kid might also show symptoms of minor illnesses such in upper respiratory and stomach

The most important thing a childcare or a preschool cannot provide is the presence of family members which is a necessary factor for the children in order to develop traits of bonding. Children who grow up far from home at a young age tend be less warm and responsive than those who don’t. Even the most highly trained teachers are not suited to care for the emotional state of a child the way a parent does. Now that you know about what homeschooling has to offer, you must be thinking why homeschooling is underrated and pre-schooling is still so popular amongst many. This is why we have an article below by Ana Connery to set your mind straight!

At this point, you might be unsure of what preschool to send your child to. If you are serious about giving your child a headstart not just academically but also in social skills, Chiltern House Preschool is definitely the preschool to send your child to.

Why is home-schooling underrated?

Some parents who are from disadvantaged communities tend to get their kids into state fund universal preschool programs, which do not cost them practically anything. So the bigger question is if preschool is not even mandatory, why do most parents consider it necessary for achievement?

A preschool only is an introductory to a learning environment they will be a part of for the next years of their life. It also gives out opportunities to grow social skills. And for families below the poverty line, raising their kid in a decent learning important is usually the priority. As such schools have children coming in from all sorts of backgrounds, it teachers acceptance from an early age. However the downside for a disadvantaged kid might be him falling into inferior complexity. This is where homeschooling is a win-win situation because the kids belonging to certain environments grow up knowing their neighborhood and tend to be more street smart. And later on in life everyone gets a chance to mingle with different sorts of people anyways.

The question of whether preschool is necessary, however, may be dependent upon the learning opportunities and exposure a child would gain if they were not enrolled in a formal preschool setting. Read more here!

So even though homeschooling works just fine why do preschools have the popularity they have? The main reason behind this may be the parents working full time. This makes them unable to give sufficient time to support the nurture and the learning necessary for their child. Now that you are aware of pros and cons of each, read this article by Mike Lanza below to know how the kids who did not go to preschools turned out. Hint; it is nowhere near a disaster future!

Children not pre-schooled: worse off? Not even close.


As it turns out, children these days who don’t go to preschool aren’t any worse off than children who do, either. A federal program evaluation carried out compared elementary school children who attended the federal government’s preschool program, Head Start, to children who didn’t. The difference between the groups was zero. Zero. Children have evolved over millennia to develop their bodies and minds through interaction with the physical world. Preschool children, in particular, need to touch and feel and run and jump. Read more here!


To conclude, there is really no need for you to send your child off to a preschool if you are thinking that would set their future right out for them. Children in their early age have a natural curiosity and self learning mechanism which does not need to be pampered all the time by highly trained experts.


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